I believe that any undertaking, at its core, is a mission of the human spirit; a search for meaning in our world. I think that corporate video work should reflect that, whatever its subject. I want to reveal the humanity in my subjects, and to make an emotional connection with the audience through it -- to describe not just the formalities and processes, but the the ambition of the human spirit which drives it. Here's a manageable collection of pieces I'm particularly proud of. I hope you'll expand these videos to full screen for viewing!

San Francisco Cooking School is an interesting and innovative take on culinary education.  The founders are fully committed to the success of the school's graduates, and I was excited to get to work with them.  AND, I got to eat some exceptional food while shooting; food that was comfortably in the top tier of my personal eating experiences! Runtime:1:45

This is a piece I made for Theodor Ellison Designs, who build extremely high end stained glass windows.  All the images at the end of the video, including the still, are installed in George Lucas' guest house, and to tell you the truth, my photography just doesn't do the work justice -- it's genuinely incredible. Runtime: 2:07

This piece was commissioned by the John Berggruen Gallery to document the installation of a large sculpture by Mark Di Suvero on the Mission Bay campus of the University of California San Francisco.  This was intended to document the event, but I wanted to take it further and make it  'a portrait of the artist.'  Mark Di Suvero is such a kind and loved person, that I couldn't miss the chance to make a documentary of him, not just of one of his sculptures being installed.

Runtime: 9:46

In my younger days, I spent a fair bit of time studying Zen, so I was very happy to be given the opportunity to make a video for Kannon Do Zen Center in Mountain View, CA.  I hope I was able not only to communicate the Center's message, but to embody some of what it feels like to be there and to study Zen in the Soto tradition.  Runtime: 5:39

Admittedly, I made this for my daughter's school, Urban Montessori Charter School, and it was not "for hire", it was "for volunteer".  I make their fundraising video every year; this is just the most recent one.  I think it's a special school that's doing important work, and I feel lucky that my daughter has the privilege of a school that is both exceptional and diverse in every way.  Runtime: 4:57